MIDEM 2023 Workshop on Chemical sensors: materials and applications


MIDEM 2022 Workshop on Energy Harvesting: Materials and Application

MIDEM 2021 Workshop on Personal sensor for remote health care monitoring

MIDEM 2020 Workshop on Personal sensor for remote health care monitoring - cancelled

MIDEM 2019 Workshop on Laser Systems and Photonics

MIDEM 2018 Workshop on Sensors and Transducers

MIDEM 2017 Workshop on Materials for Energy Conversion and their Applications: Electrocalorics and Thermoelectrics

MIDEM 2016 Workshop on Biosensors and Microfluidics

MIDEM 2015 Workshop on Terahertz and Microwave Systems

MIDEM 2013 Workshop on Digital Electronic Systems

MIDEM 2012 Workshop on Ceramic Microsystems

MIDEM 2011 Workshop on Organic Semiconductors, Technologies and Devices

MIDEM 2010 Workshop on Optical Sensors  

MIDEM 2009 Workshop on Advanced Photovoltaic Devices and Technologies  

MIDEM 2008 Workshop on Advanced Plasma Technologies

MIDEM 2007 Workshop on Electronic Testing

MIDEM 2006 Workshop on MEMS and NEMS

MIDEM 2005 Workshop on Green Electronics

MIDEM 2004 Workshop on Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Fields

MIDEM 2003 Workshop on Embedded Systems

MIDEM 2002 Workshop on Packaging and Interconnections in Electronics

MIDEM 2001 Workshop on Optoelectronic Devices and Applications